International conference  /  11. November 2020  -  12. November 2020

Bremen Bonding Days 2020

The Bremen Bonding Days are for practitioners, technicians and engineers in adhesive bonding. This international conference will take place for the very first time on November 11th and 12th, 2020 at Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen.

Experienced speakers from industry and science offer the latest insights and developments on topics such as:

● Industrial applications

● Adhesive processing

● Quality standards & regulations

● Dimensioning of bonds

To cast a view into the near future, a panel of experts will discuss the role adhesive bonding will play in the context of circular economy.

Join the Bremen Bonding Days and keep up to date in your profession: The event is recognized as continuous training within the scope of DVS®/ EWF- and EWF-Personnel Qualification as well as DIN 2304, DIN 6701 and TL A-0023.




Session 1: Surfaces


    »Sticking Together: The Science of What Works«

    - Core principles behind real world adhesion -

    Prof. Steven Abbott, Director, Steven Abbott TCNF Ltd.


    »Testing the stability of surface pre-treatment for bonding«

    - Surface pre-treatment - free surface energy - passivation - aluminum - contact angle     measurement -

    Mr. Tomáš Konečný, Rail Group Bonding Coordinator, Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems


Session 2: Adhesives


    »Light Curing Adhesives – Innovative Solutions for Medical Device Assembly«

    - Light curing - medical devices assembly - needle bonding - catheter assembly -

    Dr. Thérèse Hémery, Head of Product Development & Application Engineering EMEA, Dymax     Europe GmbH


    »Adhesives chemistry – There are many challenges left for the future«

    - Renewable raw materials - improved functions like debonding on demand - thermal     conductivity or low CTE - contradicting requirements between any purpose adhesives and     adhesives manufactured for only one application -

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartwig, Deputy Director, Fraunhofer IFAM


Session 3: Regulations


    »Circular Economy and Adhesive Bonding Technology«

    - Linear economy - circular economy - life cycle assessment - debonding and other sectors     relevant to LCA -

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Gross, Head of Department for Workforce Qualification and Technology     Transfer, Fraunhofer IFAM


    »Techno-economic benefits of quality assurance in Adhesive Bonding«

    - Standardisation - ISO - Special processes - Production - Training - Confidence -

    Dr. Gareth McGrath, Director, Flexible Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.


    »Plenary Discussion: Circlular Economy in adhesive bonding«

    Dr. Axel Heßland, Managing Director Technical Affairs, Industrieverband Klebstoffe e.V.


Session 4: Adhesive properties


    »Power and deception of FEA for adhesive bond design analysis«

    - FEA - design analysis - load limit - stress distribution -

    Prof. Stijn Debruyne, Assistant Professor, KU Leuven


    »Improved bondings based on modelling«

    - Functionally graded adhesive joints - simulation - optimization - dissimilar materials -

    Dr. Agustín Chiminelli, Responsible R+D in Composites and Adhesives, ITAINNOVA - Aragon     Institute of Technology


Session 5: Production


    »Application Technology 4.0«

    - Definition Industry 4.0 - Application to metering technology - Vision - Status of     implementation -

    Andreas Kiefer, Vice President, Atlas Copco Industrial Assembly Solutions


    »High Rate Metallic Bonding of Typical Aircraft Fuselages«

    - Automation - High-Rate - aircraft - fuselage - metallic bonding -

    Dr. Patryk Burka, Project Manager, Airbus Operations GmbH


    »Bonding of FRP Products for construction«

    - 40 years project experiences in bonding FRP - regulations - current challenges and future     developments -

    Mr. Mirfet Malagic, Product Manager, Fiberline A/S


    »E-Mobility@Audi: Innovation in Adhesive Application«

    - E-Mobility - Battery - Gapfiller - Audi e-tron - Production Concepts -

    Dr. Michael Frauenhofer, Head of Technology Development Adhesive/Polymer, Audi AG