Adsorption of Gases

The adsorption of gases in materials with high specific surfaces, for example

    metall organic frameworks (MOFs),
    zeolithes or
    activated carbon

can be used advantageously to store hydrogen in a reversible manner.

Powder processing technologies like milling, blending and/or densification are directly used in order to increase the volumetric storage capacity of the commonly powdery adsoprtion materials. In doing so, good gas permeation and excellent heat transfer properties are achieved, too.

In this regard, Frauhofer IFAM Dresden investigates and tests novel composite materials for gas adsorption (e.g. H₂, NH₃) and develops appropriate processing routes.

Numerous thermoanalytical methods (volumetric, gravimetric, enthalpic) are available for materials characterization. For cryogenic applications, we collaborate closely with TU Dresden (Institute of Power Engineering, Chair of Cold-, Cryo- and Compressor Technology).