The safe, compact, effcient and reliable storage of hydrogen is a key element in a H₂-based energy cycle.

The scientist and engineers at Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden produce and develop hydrogen storage materials and related processing technologies:

  •     Low-temperature hydrides (-20°C ... 80°C),
        e.g. Zr-Mn, Fe-Ti, La-Ni or Ti-Mn alloys
  •     Medium-temperature hydrides (80°C ... 200°C),
        e.g. Alanates, Amides
  •     High-temperature hydrides (200°C ... 400°C),
        e.g. Mg, Mg-Ni, Mg-RE alloys
  •     Hydride composites with enhanced heat transfer and optimized gas permeability

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Metal hydrides are solid hydrogen carriers that can be used in multiple applications such as high-purity hydrogen storage or thermochemical hydrogen compression. Fraunhofer IFAM’s recent technological advances prove that metal hydride composites offer various advantages over conventional metal hydrides, for example, full charge-discharge cycle times of a few minutes.