Hydrides for H₂ Storage

Metal hydrides (MHs) offer several advantages over high-pressure or cryogenic H₂ storage technologies:

Safety: MH storage systems present an unprecedented limitation of risks compared to liquid or compressed H₂.

No boil-off: In idle mode, MHs do not release H₂ to the surroundings due to a boil-off of the gas.

Low operation pressure: MHs store hydrogen at relatively low pressures between 8 and 30 bar, which is in the range of the outlet pressure of electrolyzers. Thus, a costly and diffcult to operate H₂ compressor can be avoided.

Performance: Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden has strongly improved the kinetics of various MH materials achieving charge/discharge times of a few minutes. Furthermore, our MHs offer highest volumetric H₂ storage densities.

Simplicity of use: MH storage systems are easy to install and transport. Furthermore, the materials used do not generate any hazardous waste at the end of their life cycle.