Investigation of Mechanical Characteristics

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Development of a testing procedure for individual testing
© Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
Sample after testing in testing machine Zwick 1488

The aim of mechanical testing procedures is the investigation of mechanical characteristics which are used as input for dimensioning of components and simulations. Only the knowledge of mechanical characteristics and their variation allows for the safe, economic and technically reasonable application of raw materials. The knowledge of the limit of elastic deformation and the brittle or ductile behavior is very important especially.

Testing standards and standardized geometry of samples ensure reliable results for classical materials. New materials in the stage of development demand adapted geometries of specimen and holder and testing procedures. With its longtime experience in testing materials for research and development the team faces new challenges.

The mechanical test laboratory has been accredited by the DAkkS (German accreditation service) for tensile and compression testing at room temperature. Every year the testing machines and the systems for measurement of elongation are being calibrated and since more than 5 years they have acchieved the best class of accuracy 0.5.