Conference  /  June 22, 2023  -  June 23, 2023

Conference »Advanced Solid-State Batteries – Challenges and Opportunities of Interface Sciences«

Climate change has been recognized as a pressing concern for future generations with current pollution being one of the driving forces. Especially the mobility is a large contributor to CO2 emissions, and automotive manufacturers are switching from combustion engine to electric propulsion, leading to new solutions in energy storage in vehicles. Today, lithium-ion and other alkali ion batteries are the most attractive battery technology for consumables and electric vehicles and dominate the battery market. However, current lithium-ion batteries are lacking due to flammability of organic electrolyte components. Furthermore, the energy density of batteries is limited by the employed cell chemistry. All-solid-state batteries one of the next-generation battery chemistries, aim to solve both issues by eliminating flammable components and focusing on elemental anode concept to realize an improved practical energy density (volumetric and gravimetric). This requires a functioning metal anode, an essential but so far elusive component. This workshop will discuss the status in the development of next generation solid state electrolytes, hybrid organic and inorganic electrolytes, elemental anodes and high voltage and capacity electrodes and understanding of limitation of both individual component and interface aspects of combination of battery materials. World leading battery researchers will be presenting their work at this meeting.