Adhäsions- und Grenzflächenforschung
Adhäsions- und Grenzflächenforschung

Adhesion and Interface Research

The properties and functions of technical products are determined by the substrate materials, which are used and also by the quality and microstructure of the relevant surfaces, interfaces, and composites.

The R&D activities in Adhesion and Interface Research at Fraunhofer IFAM thus focus on the optimization of surfaces, interfaces, coatings, bonded joints, and composite materials in order to meet production and functional requirements.

Key activities

  • Surface pre-treatment
    • Development and optimization of surface treatment processes
    • Evaluation and development of corrosion protection systems
  • Applications for adhesives and coatings
    • Evaluation and optimization of the aging of coatings as well as bonded joints
    • Concepts and material development work for the release of active agents in adhesives and coating systems


In order to carry out material science oriented aspects and process parameters, Fraunhofer IFAM possesses a wide range of laboratory and pilot plant equipment:

  • Techniques for surface and structural analysis as well as electrochemical methods
  • Electrochemical and wet chemical surface pre-treatment methods,
    e. g. pickling and, anodization, electrophoretic coating
  • Computer-aided simulation techniques
  • Test methods, including an accredited corrosion testing laboratory (DIN EN ISO/IEC 107025)

Core Competence Surface Technology

Core Competence Automation and Digitalization

Core Competence Adhesive Bonding