Adhesive Selection and Qualification

Zugscherprüfung zur Bestimmung der Verbundfestigkeit einer Klebung
© Fraunhofer IFAM
Lap shear test to measure forces of an adhesive joint.
Zugscherprüfungen nach beschleunigter Alterung
© Fraunhofer IFAM
Lap shear samples with different result of crack propagation.

Identifying a suitable adhesive is a complex task due to the range of available adhesives and the specific requirements of the customer's application. Such requirements can include specific structural and environmental performance, such as load transmission, media exposure, leak tightness, electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, and damping. This necessitates a holistic consideration of the entire process – from the design and surface pre-treatment to integration into the relevant production process.

Fraunhofer IFAM specialists in Adhesive Bonding Technology assist customers with this task by carrying out a comprehensive market survey in the selection phase followed by appropriate qualification of the proposed adhesives via thermo mechanical analysis and mechanical tests in accordance with common standards.



  • Definition of required specifications for the adhesively bonded joint
  • Adhesive selection – market surveys/research using Fraunhofer IFAM’s adhesive database relying on manufacturer information completed by own tests
  • Modification of adhesive  to adapt material properties to customer requirements
  • Adhesive characterization via thermal analysis and rheology tests in order to determine the application and curing properties and as a basis for process optimization.
  • Accelerated aging tests
  • Damage/failure analysis – examination of cases of damage/failure, preparation of expert reports
  • Adhesive modification
  • Advice about process integration
  • Production concepts