Adhesive Development

Formulation of adhesives for special applications

Vorapplizierbarer PASA®-Klebstoff auf metallischen Befestigungselementen
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Pre-Applicable Structural Adhesive (PASA®) on metal fasteners.

There are frequently special applications for which no suitable adhesives are commercially available. Often special formulations are required for efficient production and high product reliability. In other instances only small amounts of adhesives and other reactive polymers are required. Whatever is needed, Fraunhofer IFAM is the ideal partner for all development activities. Examples of past and ongoing developments include adhesives for medical technology applications which are resistant to specific sterilization methods, Pre-Applicable Structural Adhesives (PASA®) for bonding studs or for the local reinforcement of steel sheets, casting compounds to be used in electronics having customized coefficients of heat expansion, and conducting adhesives. In addition, work is being carried out on pressure sensitive adhesive systems and adhesives for medical applications.

The aim is often to demonstrate new principles, right through to the development of new raw materials to make adhesives more effective or to integrate new functions. For this, knowledge of general polymer chemistry is utilized and practical applications tested. This includes, for example, novel catalysts which enable rapid adhesive curing and simultaneously improved storage stability, and also new resin systems such as benzoxazines as well as partially crystalline resins. Other examples are adhesive tapes which allow metal surfaces to be locally etched or anodized, or pressure sensitive adhesives which cure to become structural adhesives.

This work area covers all classes of adhesives and polymers.