3D-TEM-Aufnahme eines perfekt im Epoxidharz verteilten Schichtsilikats
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3D-TEM micrograph of a layer silicate perfectly distributed in the epoxy resin.

In bonded joints the adhesion is often greater than the cohesion, namely the intrinsic strength of the material. This raises the question as to how this can be utilized in materials development. The solution here is to use nanoparticles to introduce a large surface to the polymer. In this work the surface modification of the particles is equally important as the correct processing technology for achieving the desired properties.

The modified particles are used to formulate adhesives, paints/lacquers, matrix resins for composite materials, or casting resins. The particles improve the material properties, for example, the simultaneous improvement of strength and elongation at fracture, lower curing shrinkage or the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). In addition, the particles can be used to customize the rheological properties and fire behavior.


Key activities

  • Surface modification of nanoparticles
  • Formulation of reactive polymers with nanoparticles
  • Utilization of modified nanoparticles for medical adhesives and diagnostics
  • Characterization of nanoparticles and nanocomposites


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