Functional Paints and Coatings

Surface protection, including corrosion protection, and surface decoration have been the main functions of paints, lacquers and coatings for hundreds of years. In more recent years, many new opportunities have arisen – largely through new technologies and new raw materials – for coatings to provide products with innovative new functionalities. These developments target a range of industries including aircraft, car, rail vehicle, ship, and wind turbine manufacture.




A multidisciplinary team of experts at Fraunhofer IFAM works together to conceive and develop new functional coatings. Chemists, biologists, coating technologists, and technicians strive to integrate a variety of functionalities into coating systems including:

The work activities of the Paint/Lacquer Technology scientists at Fraunhofer IFAM range from acquiring fundamental knowledge of model coating systems to sophisticated adaptation of coatings and application techniques to meet customer requirements.

European Coatings Journal - Functional Coatings

Dr. Volkmar Stenzel about functional coatings - European Coatings Journal; Issue 7-8/2018