Electrically Insulating Coatings

The most important functions of coatings in electrical engineering are the electrical insulation of components, protection from harmful environmental effects, and mechanical protection of the substrates. Key application areas are wire insulation (wire enamels), the impregnation of electrical components for mechanical reinforcement and improved heat dissipation, and the protection of electronic assemblies. The continuous innovation in electrical and electronic components means that the insulating layers must meet ever higher requirements. These requirements include:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Heat resistance
  • Heat dissipation
  • Resistance to media
  • Mechanical stability


Fraunhofer IFAM assists customers with product selection as well as with the development and optimization of processes. The wide array of pre-treatment, application, and analytical methods available at Fraunhofer IFAM allow us to offer a comprehensive range of services for electrically insulating coatings.


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