Plasmapolymere Beschichtung
Plasmapolymere Beschichtung

Plasma Technology and Surfaces

Using plasma technology to develop innovative products

Surfaces and their properties are playing an ever more important role in advanced technologies. Regardless of whether we are concerned with the automotive sector, aeronautics, medical technology, packaging, or electrical engineering, the surfaces of materials often have to be modified to make them suitable for specific applications. The increasing use of high-performance materials means that the development and management of such technologies has become a key area of work.


Technologies available at Fraunhofer IFAM

Supporting technologies available at Fraunhofer IFAM

Applications of the above technologies

This technology portfolio allows the surfaces of plastics, metals, and ceramics to be efficiently modified. Specific technologies are available for treating individual components, bulk products, web materials (films, wovens, non-wovens), fibers, and particles.


Core Competence Surface Technology

Core Competence Shaping and Functionalization

Core Competence Automation and Digitalization