Chemie FVK
Chemie FVK

Chemistry of Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Strong yet flexible – workable materials for lightweight structures

© Vladislav Kochelaevs / Fotolia
Bumper and side sills modelled of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.
© Fraunhofer IFAM/Andreas Lühring
Artistic design via FRP shaping.

Fiber reinforced thermosets have excellent mechanical properties and are widely used for large lightweight structures. However, once manufactured these extremely strong materials can no longer be worked and shaped. This limits the use of industrial production processes and also means that the recycling of materials from end-of-life components is currently virtually impossible.

To address these issues, the "Chemistry of Fiber Reinforced Plastics" department is developing new polymer systems which, despite their three-dimensional network structures, are able to undergo plastic deformation and hence be shaped.

The main R&D activities concern:

  • Reversible reactions
  • Thermo-responsive polymers
  • Polymer dependent manufacturing of composites
  • Structural analysis and material characterization

The research work is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), under the NanoMatFutur program (funding reference 03XP0001), and the Fraunhofer initiative TALENTA excellence.

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