International Conference  /  05. Juli 2023  -  07. Juli 2023

International Conference on
Emerging Applications of PM & AM
Materials and Technologies

The major challenges of the energy transition from fossil to renewable sources and the change in transportation technology require new technical solutions in which sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Powder metallurgy faces major challenges. However, there are also numerous opportunities for new products and innovative and sustainable solutions for applications in existing markets, but in new markets especially. Innovation in the processes, particularly in sinter-based additive manufacturing, also contributes to this. 

This conference serves as a platform for the presentation and discussion of the latest material and technology developments for applications in the future. There will be a clear focus on energy technologies during these three days, e.g.

  • Materials for power-to-X technologies, e.g.     
    - sorption materials
    - hydrides
    - electrolysis
    - PCM
    - heat storage
  • Energy harvesting, e.g.
    - thermoelectrics
    - magnetocaloric
  • Materials for electrical drives, e.g.
    - thermal management materials
    - magnets
    - copper