Functional Coatings

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process coatings
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Surface modification by Liquid Phase Deposition (LPD) with inorganic polymers and subsequent ceramisation of the coatings.

Usage of commercial polysilazanes, polysiloxanes, polycarbosilanes, (Si-, Zr-, Al-,Ti-, Mg-), Alkoxides….
Cu-, Ag-, Co-, Ni-Sols, Bioglasses
+ Filler

Coating methods:

  • Dip-Coating
  • Spray-Coating

Possible coating systems:

  • Highly porous Sol/Gel coatings
  • Dense ceramic coatings
  • Self-organised coatings via bloc-co-polymers


Specifications coatings
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Substrate structures

  • Open cell metal foams, metallic hollow spheres, sintered hollow sphere structures, metallic fibre structures. 
  • Metallic sheets and profiles.

Application examples

  • Oxidation and corrosion protection
  • Biotechnology and Food Technology
    Immobilization of enzymes; micro organism and living cells
  • Catalysis
    Combined lightweight, ductile catalyst supports with highly porous coatings with high surface area and defined pore size
  • Interface Material
    Interface layer with tailored electrical and thermal conductivity or insulation properties
Applications coatings
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