Metal Sinter Paper

Manufacturing Process


  • Based on well established paper making technology
  • Flexible selection of base metals and alloys
  • Adjustable pore size and porosity
  • Simple shaping in the green state
  • Suitable for mass production


  • Materials: stainless steel 316L, nickel, copper (other materials on request)
  • Porosity range: 35-75 % I Pore size range: 5-50 µm
  • Sheet dimensions: max. 240 mm x 240 mm, thickness from 0.2 up to 1 mm (other dimensions on request)
Specifications sinter paper
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Application examples

  • Filters, membrane supports (i. e. stainless steel 316L)
  • Electrodes in hydrogen technology (i. e. titanium for PEM electrolyzers, nickel for alkaline membrane electrolysis)
Applications sinter paper
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