Adhesive Bonding Technology

The Process Largely Determines the Quality of an Adhesively Bonded Joint

Increasing requirements on joints in combination with new materials and materials combinations in many high-tech branches have led to a situation where adhesive bonding becomes the preferred joining method. Adhesive bonding in turn puts high requirements on the users. An extensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, and engineering is necessary to successfully utilize adhesive bonding.

The required interdisciplinary expertise for this is available in the Adhesive Bonding Technology department at Fraunhofer IFAM. The R&D work covers the whole process chain, from adhesive selection to integration into production. The team of scientists (chemists, physicists), engineers (mechanical engineering, structural engineering, mechatronics, bionics) and technologists focus on the following areas:

  • Adhesive selection and adhesive qualification
  • Characterization of adhesives and adhesively bonded joints
  • Dosing technology, mixing technology, and application technology
  • Concepts for adhesive bonding technology
  • Automation and integration into production
  • Quality assurance and optimization of production

Core Competence Adhesive Bonding

Core Competence Polymeric Materials

Core Competence Automation and Digitalization