Bestimmung rheologischer Eigenschaften
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Determination of the rheological properties using a cone-plate measuring system.

Fraunhofer IFAM specialists in adhesive bonding technology assist customers in the development of adhesively bonded products. This support covers adhesive selection, design of bonded joints, and integration of bonding processes into production.

The work involves detailed characterization of adhesives using thermal analysis methods and application-related tests in order to draw conclusions about the suitability of the adhesive for the intended application. All these conclusions are based on relevant material properties. This offer is completed by services and advice on accelerated adhesive aging via variable climate tests or media exposure, followed by the subsequent integration of the processes into the production.



  • Providing assistance to customers with suitable adhesive selection.
  • Qualification of bonded joints on laboratory specimens and on real components in accordance with the application-specific requirements.
  • Characterization of the adhesives and polymer materials and their surfaces using thermal analysis (DMA, TMA, DSC, TGA-MS) and rheological tests (capillary viscometer and rotational viscometer as well as according to the Brookfield method).
  • Testing of bonded joints after accelerated aging e. g. variable temperatures, media exposure, cataplasma, etc. to demonstrate their long-term stability
  • Integration of the adhesive bonding processes into the customer's production in collaboration with plant manufacturers.




Adhesives Analysis


Adhesive Selection and Qualification


Adhesives Aging