Materials for Tribological Stresses

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Tribologische Beschichtung

Tribological loads often occur in connection with high temperatures, chemically aggressive agents or dynamic loads. Therefrom arises the demand of different, mostly even contrary material properties. Powder metallurgy opens up an outstanding potential for manufacturing of customised materials for tribological applications. This potential is not only founded by the choice of mostly different alloys as the matrix material, but also the possibility to build in hard materials and/or lubricants. Research activities of the Dresden powder metallurgy are being focussed on the development of materials for tribological applications. So we can make available comprehensive experience to solve just your tribological material problem.

We at Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden fit our range of services to the requirements and requests of our customers and project partners.

These are the services we can offer you:

  • Tribological testing
  • Materials development for all tribological applications
  • Optimisation and design of friction couples
  • Survey of tribological damages
  • Consulting on an optimal use of material under the aspects of tribology

Our experience includes in-depth tribological studies. These investigations can be carried out on a customised high-performance tribometer available at our institute. The equipment can be used for testing both models and components.