Sputter Targets

© Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden
© Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden

Sputtering targets are used for various coating techniques such as PVD, laser or ion beam coating. In order to realize high quality coating and novel coating systems it is necessary to ensure a high quality of targets have been fabricated in terms of density, composition and purity.

Targets preferably consist of high temperature melting materials; ceramics or other materials; which cannot be made by melting techniques, can be manufactured by a powder metallurgical route. The process starts with consolidation of powders or powder mixtures and subsequently goes through sintering or hot pressing. Microstructure and homogeneity as well as purity of the targets can be improved or modified.

We offer

  • manufacturing of PM-targets
  • alloy development for special target compositions

Manufacturing of dense targets by

  • die pressing and pressureless sintering
  • hot pressing: max. temperature 1700 °C; atmospheres vacuum (10-5 mbar) or argon


  • cylindrical: Ø < 165 mm x 2...100 mm
  • rectangular (divided): all parts that can be produced from Ø < 165 mm x 2...100
  • cone-shaped targets
  • special dimensions on demand

Chemical compositions/Materials

  • almost of metals and alloys
  • cermets
  • silicides (e.g. MoSi2, TiSi2, WSi2, W5Si3, FeSi1,8...2,3, ReSi2, Mg2Si, chromium silicides)
  • aluminides (i.e. all Ti-, Fe- and Ni-aluminides)
  • borides (e.g. TiB2, Ti-TiB2, NiB, Fe2B, chromium borides)
  • oxides, carbides, nitrides (e. g. of B, Ti, V, W, Zn, Zr)
  • special materials like Hydroxylapatite, MCrAlY ...


  • 90...99 % of the theoretical density
  • closed porosity
  • purity depends on the requirement and the purity of the powders up to approx. 99,95 % (metal base)
  • grinded or polished surface; option: bonded on a base plate