Metall-Matrix-Composite Materials

Tailored Materials

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Carbide formation for interface design in copper-diamond composites (SEM micrograph of a diamond after the extraction from a CuCr-diamond MMC)
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Carbon fiber reinforced copper matrix composite

Metal-matrix-composite materials (MMC) with customised (optimised) property mix for functional and structural applications

  • Development of materials for specified component requirements
  • Development of technologies
  • Consulting and retrievals on the use of MMCs



  • Improve mechanical properties (strength, stiffness) at low density
  • Increase heat resistance/ creep resistance
  • Modify tribological and material behaviour according to specific component demands
  • Reducing thermal expansion coefficient thereby keeping high conductivity
  • Sensor/ actuator properties of metallic composite materials

Matrix materials

  • Alloys based on aluminium, copper and magnesium
  • Alloys based on highly melting metals
  • Alloys based on rare earth metals
  • Reinforcement components
  • Particles from carbides or oxides
  • Fibres from ceramics or graphite