Fibre Metallurgy

Fibre Metallurgy at Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden

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Prototypical heat exchanger module with soldered aluminium fibre structures for adsorption cooling units with extremely high power density

Development and manufacturing of metallic fibers and highly porous, open-cell fibre structures for functional and structural applications.

Making use of the melt-extraction method refined at Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden, fine metallic fibres can be manufactured immediately out of the melt pool without mechanical forming. Thus, fibres can be made of almost all metals and associated alloys at low cost. The metal fibres can be manufactured to highly porous, strong components whose pore volumes are 50 to more than 95 % by sintering. The pores of the structures generated this way are open thereby enabling flow through. Therefore, they can be used e.g. as a filtering medium, electrode or an actively cooled component.

The service we offer starts with the anaylsis of your specific problems. On this basis, we work out solution suggestions, which we realise together with you and our network partners into testable material samples up to prototype components. In this connection, we use our excellent research and simulation possibilities for your advantage. Among others, we can use the programme package PANDAT for thermo-dynamic calculations; for mechanical and thermal simulation calculations we have the FEM-multiphysic programme COMSOL at our disposal.